domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

El Overdrive #99 · Especial "25 REASONS to SAY GODDBYE" · Edició del 10.11.12 * 92.9 Fm. Radio Marratxi *

Edició #99, emesa el Dissabte 10/11/12.

Dag Nasty "Million Days"
Agnostic Front "Us Against The World"
Bad Brains "Into the Future"
Big Boys "Which Way To Go"
Dag Nasty "Still Waiting"
True Colors "The kids are alright"
We Ride "Stay Gold"
The Urgent Kids "Kenny Powers"
Stiff Little Fingers "Wasted Life (Single Version)"
The Incredible kidda band "Radio Caroline"
The Scientists "Frantic Romantic"
Common Rider "Rise Or Fall"
Hanson Brothers "No Emotion"
AC4 "The same fight"
End of All "Once and for all"
Accüsed "Fucking For Bux"
Negative Approach "Live your life"
The Cynics "All Good Women"
As Friens Rust "Where The Wild Things Were"
Adolescents "Within These Walls"
The Crystal Caravan "Monkey"
CCR "Someday Never Comes"
The Sonics "High Time"
The Sonics "Like No Other Man"
Symarip "Skinhead Moonstomp"

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Part 2:

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